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e-Tourism is about using Internet technologies to transform the way key tourism-promotion, resort management support and group marketing concept are performed. Its most visible form is online purchasing, both group package or individual package. 
E-Tourism is a modern business methodology in the tourism sector, that addresses the needs of investors, organizations, and consumers to cut cost while improving the quality of products and services. 
The term also applies to the use of computer networks to search and retrieve tourism information in support of human and corporate decision-making. With e-Tourism, companies reach more and different customers and gain exposure in new markets not covered by existing physical channels, thus increasing the profits. 

                               Marina Opportunities  

MintValley Group is on the verge of constructing South Asia's first Marina " The Harbour Marina (P) Ltd." at Kochi (Cochin, Kerala) which would have an area of 60,000 square feet of commercial and retail facilities and would accommodate over 50 boats complete with a fuel pier and covered berths.

With an aim to booster tourism in the South Asian region, The Harbour Marina with its unique location at Kochi city, a natural Harbour, would provide easy access to the exotic tourist locations in the Maldives, Lakshwadeep Islands, the Andaman Nicobar, the Backwaters of Kerala and as a connection point for adventure loving yachters on their long journey to Australia or the Polynesian Islands.

The Lakshadweep Islands famous for its clear blue skies and clean beaches, located 300 Kms away from the city of Kochi, South India has immense opportunities for tourism development.

A beach resort in a coral Island, belonging to the Lakshwadeep chain of Islands would be very sound business proposition. The Lakshwadeep Administration in association with the local population have set up Tourism Societies with an aim to boost tourism and the economy of the Islands.

While the emphasis is on Eco-friendly Tourism these Societies would on its behalf ensure that both the Tourists, the Employees and the Investors are assured of a good deal. The Islands, beautiful as it is, have certain infrastructure difficulties like fresh drinking water, electricity and Garbage disposal.

The Harbour Marina in association with the above invites prospective investors who are keen in such Business Initiatives. 

As such Harbour Marina believes that the initial environmental and infrastructure problems in these Islands can be overcome if Yachts or Cruiselines with sufficient supplies visit these beautiful Islands and explore them through the berthing and pier facilities which the Investors can construct. 

Harbour Marina looks forward to these business opportunities with an aim to bolster the economy and tourism in the South Asia region.

For further details please contact us at mail@harbourmarina.com



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